The Southern EP

by Radio Caroline

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released February 22, 2014

Thanks to everyone who has listened, shared and insisted we continue to make our music. Words cannot express how appreciative we are of all of you.



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Radio Caroline London, Ontario

Radio Caroline is a hard rock & roll band from London ON, Canada.

New EP 'Take it All' out October 22nd via Bulwark Records

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Track Name: Shook
This fucking wreckage
Is damn irreparable
These fucking bandages
Are not enough for me

This damage you've done
Is unforgivable
The adults have gone
And I'm stuck here

This fucking neglegance
Is unacceptable
This disobedience
Is not okay with me

Over see
Try to see things as if you were me
I'm shook
With anxiety
And the messages you're giving me are really fucking killing me
Track Name: Burn
Burn, lit up fast gone
I'll never last
Cleansed, of your emotion
Bathed in self-destruction
Falling, I can't get through
Losing, this is all new

You disappeared on me again
And I don't see any substitution
Can't find any kind of real solution
I'm a mess without your glow

Long for you, I'm shakin'
My breath is empty, it's a goddamn shame
Where are you hiding?
Where can I find this fucking remedy?


Feelin' alive, but this time it's real
Who knows how next time will be?
Go out there, you'll find it nowhere
She's cold, I know

Track Name: Suicide Letters
Nothing I say has any meaning
I'll take it back and start my pleading
Get me bleeding, then I'll be feeling
All these tears are all but real

I know the remedy
Is the poison
But otherwise I feel electrocuted
Drained of fluid, I can't do this
Life's a drag, but it's time I threw my suicide letters away

I've got my pride but no dignity
My decisions are made without me
Life is empty and I'm scared of dying
I've got no choice but to go back empty handed

Track Name: Cheaters
You cheat the cheaters
Wreck your own home
Deceive deceivers
And jumping their bones

I won't let it get out if you'll just get out
I'll bite my tongue, keep my lip sealed
Walk away, never look back
And your lies are safe with me

You have no one
To blame but yourself
For your aching heart
And the gaping void that's left


Track Name: Lament
Human soul abandoned
Due to wickedness and crime
Allocated memories
Remedy his blackened mind
For he who must be wasted
Is a judgement-hating lie
Paying for his sins
Which seem to be justified

If my actions are some drastic
Do forgive me for I'm blind
To the light that comes with each and every will
All I see is darkness in this god forsaken world
Why, why must you kill?

Ignorance is bliss
For you won't like what you find
It's a cold and dark world
For all mankind
Why have you forsaken
All of those who have tried
Just to bestow some kind of
Meaning to your life?


Kill me cause you can
But you're running out of luck
All I do is help
But you don't give a fuck (x2)